Message from the Principal on 31/03/2017




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PRINCIPAL’S REPORT                                                                                                                                                                                                 SPEECH/PRIZE GIVING – 31stMarch 2017


1                    Appreciation and welcome remarks

v  Chief Guest – Mrs. Kitheka CD Nakuru County & Sub-County Directors.

v  BOM & pa Members

v  Parents

v  Teachers

v  Invited guests

v  students

2                    Students Enrolment

Form 1       -             98

Form 2       -           152

Form 3       -           148

Form 4       -           131

TOTAL       -           529

3                    Teaching staff

TSC                                    -           24

BOM                      -           11

Teaching Practice -             4

TOTAL                   -           39

Short of TSC Staff.  Humble appeal to CD (TSC) for help

4                    Support Staff

BOM Employees   -           26

Casual                   -             5

TOTAL                   -           31

5                    Academics

  • The school started well.  We have done the opener and mid-term Exams.  Form Fours have done Pre-Trials.
  • The ten (10) lessons per day instead of nine (9) has been accepted and is progressing well.  This allows for more teacher/student contact hours.
  • Orders have been placed for the purchase of additional text books, however parents are urged to ensure that their sons have the necessary  textbooks and other learning materials.
  • Syllabus coverage is progressing well despite the challenges of shortages of teachers.
  • Appeal has been made to the TSC for additional teachers to the school.
  • We are going on well with Saturday remedial classes.
  • The school registered improved performance in 2015 KCSE results.  It obtained a mean score of 5.966  C (plain) up from 5.014 C- (Minus). I would like to thank teachers, community, parents, students, Ministry and all for their support.  2016 KCSE Target mean is 8.5.
  • We need a functional library & equipped book harvest in term 2, 2016.
  • Purchase of a generator is in progress. It will minimize cases of interruption of academic programmes.

6                    Discipline

I have noted improved discipline, grooming and order among the students.  However more talks and guidance is needed to enable them manage their time well.

7                    Co-Curricular Activities

The boys are doing well in co-curricular activities.  Our drama team will be representing the school and the region at National Drama Festival in April 2016.  The Basketball and Hockey teams successfully represented the school and the sub-county at the county level.  They are also doing well in the clubs & societies and the other sports.

8                    Infrastructure

We are making effort to improve the school’s infrastructure for the good of the students.  Some of things we have done include:-

  • Fixing of clothes hanging lines.
  • Repair/painting of classroom chairs and labeling.
  • Replacement of broken window panes.
  • Replacement of wooden doors with metallic ones.
  • Repair of 2 south classroom floor and 1 south.
  • Painting of classrooms and other areas in the school.
  • Purchase of  plastic chairs, (100 pieces), grinder & welding machine.
  • Fixing of bathroom showers and replacement of broken toilets in the dormitory.
  • Computerizing of school accounts.  Internet is yet to be  installed.
  • Construction of dining hall (phase I). Still on going


We have put mechanisms to ensure that fees is paid promptly, however there are still challenges when sponsors and some parents do not honour their pledges promptly.

I Wish you a blessed and prosperous year .

Mr. Wandera T.S.

P R I N C I P A L.



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