Situation analysis



 Situational analysis of the school identifies needs having in mind the key issues that directly or indirectly contribute to efficiency of resources allocation viz a viz performance and production of quality services and results.  The analysis will provide base for drawing the strategic development plan for this school.  The schools swot analysis has been done exposing the schools strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats as well as PESTEL analysis that will reflect the schools prevailing factor that may positively influence performance standards i.e. political, social, economical, environmental and legal aspects for the school is an integral part of its environment and should be sensitive to all stimuli’s perceived.  The two methods will form the integral components of the plans development.

The operational environment that the school will operate on will be pivoted to the performance indexes as far as the standard is concerned.  Here the school will operate on internal and external environments.  Whereby the external environment will be composed of social, cultural and economic factors that will in one way or the other directly or indirectly impact on schools general performance at every level of its daily operation on its assimilation the executor definitely will meet challenges and the strategic plans intend to suggest way and means of driving through them.  Overcoming these obstacles will greatly depend on schools swot analysis attributes that all schools team players must address as they are supposed to towards the schools mission and vision on this path, opportunities found must be exploited fully, collectively while sidelining the weakness just as a river does from it source to mouth:  it will manage and control with felicity pestle features effectively and efficiently.



Michinda secondary school was started in the year 1968.  It had a population of 4 girls and 22 boys and a start of 3 …

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